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Portable air purifier is QUICK, CONVENIENT, AND EASY TO USE - With just a click of a button it will silently emit negative ions per second. The same type of molecules found in natural retreats such as beaches, waterfalls or mountains. The modern and compact design makes it blend with whatever you wear without attracting negative attention.
The wearable negative ion purifier is RECHARGEABLE. 
With our new high-powered 100 hour lasting charge you can feel clean, refreshed, and protected whether you're at work, out at an event, or just relaxing at home for the whole day!
Our portable air purifier can HIGHLY EFFECTIVE AGAINST AIRBORNE DISEASES - The negative ions that the Oxy-Angel produces will connect to any airborne pollutant, bacteria, and any other illness-carrying particles due to their electrostatic charge. This makes the contaminated air particles too heavy to stay airborne, forming a microscopic health shield to protect you for any situation. Oxy-Angel has proven to be a success in reducing allergies, flu, asthma, colds, fever, and even respiratory complications!
Our Travel Mini Portable Air Purifier is FILTER LESS - Now you never have to worry again about dealing with expensive and burdensome filters for your air purifiers. The Oxy-Angel has an ever lasting purifier that runs on just a quick charge, and will last you a lifetime. Our new filter less technology purifies your air forever without any additional costs; that means no paying extra for cleaning, maintenance, and everything in between.
And our Mini Portable Air Purifier will bring you TONS OF HEALTH BENEFITS - The Oxy-Angel will have you feeling refreshed in no time. Some of the benefits include: beginning to get better quality sleeps, elevated attention spans, a clearer immune system, reduced headaches, and highly improved physical performance!
For health: The wearable air purifier eliminates PM2.5, second-hand smoke, odor, etc. It can help getting high quality air and reduce unpleasant smell. 
Easy To Use: Press the on/off button for open and close then to getting better air quality.
Rechargeable: With USB charging battery. 
Widely Used: Necklace, Hanging Stuff, Car, Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, office, Garages, etc. Purify the air for small spaces and make your living area smell fresh and clean.

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