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For someone who has been taking pills or supplements for a long time, have a pill box big enough to hold a month's worth of medication can be a huge help. Especially for the elderly. With this medicine box, you only need to organize your medication once a month, which saves you a lot of time and keeps track of what's left so you can replenish it in time.

Our monthly pill boxes are using brand new food grade material, all are non-toxic and totally safe. It won't affect the effectiveness of your medicines. Even if you store your pills for long time, they will remain as fresh as ever. The supports and trays are built to offer maximum convenience. You can effortlessly load and remove the single pill box. There will also be a mark on the lid of the monthly pill box to prevent you from mixing up your medication.

We also designed the arrangement of it in a reasonable way, so that it has enough space to store the daily medication. At the same time, when place it on the table, it will not appear messy.

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