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There must be many troubles in your daily life when you need to take different kinds of pills at the same time. So maybe you are looking for a more portable pill box to help keep you more organized?
All of our portable daily pill box has a lightweight and compact shape, the innovative space-saving design is convenient to put it in your purses, pocket, backpack... It’s perfect to use in your daily life. There's no need to carry around a lot of bulky pill bottles every day when your daily dose can fit easily into one large enough pill box.
Our daily pill boxes have multiple styles, which can be roughly divided into two types structurally: single-compartment and multi-compartment. It can gather all of your vitamins, fish oil, supplements, pills and tablets in one convenient storage organizer. You can choose the right one according to your needs. Each Pill Box features a snap shut lid that can securely locks. Even if it is constantly shaken in the bag, the pill still won’t spill out. 
Most of this mini pill box is made of food grade translucent plastic, they’re durable so it will not break easily even if mishandled. Also a small part is made of aluminum. Which makes the pill box has great airtight, moisture resistant and waterproof.
In a nutshell, the daily pill box can meet your daily needs for different medications. As well as can let you carry some emergency medications, to ensuring your privacy.

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