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What is a pill box, a brief introduction about the pill box

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Ordinary pill box
The common pill box is the most frequently mentioned pill box.
Common medicine-dispensing boxes are generally round, dish-shaped, strip-shaped, and square.

According to the number of times of storing medicine, it can be divided into portable and household type. Portable is mainly convenient for carrying, small in size, and pursues beautiful appearance. The household type is mainly used for taking medicines for multiple times or for multiple people, and can generally store the medicine amount for one week or one month.

Reminder pill box
The reminder medicine box (pills reminder & dispenser), also known as electronic medicine box, medicine reminder, and timing medicine box, is a household electronic reminder and medicine dispensing device that is usually used to store medicines and has a reminder to take medicines on time.

The reminder kits are mainly due to: 1. Modern young people are mostly in sub-health, but because of busy work, they often forget to take medicines or health products. A medicine reminder device that can remind people to take medicines on time is needed; 2. Middle-aged and elderly people suffer from various kinds of illnesses due to memory loss, and they need a device to remind them to take medicine to protect their health.
The portable reminder kit for young people generally has a small amount of medicine. The medicine box can store 1-3 days of medicine. The volume is small or moderate. It can be installed in a briefcase, backpack, handbag, pocket, etc., which is convenient for carrying out. It is suitable for business people and office workers who often go out for a short time.

The household reminder kit for middle-aged and elderly people can store more than one dose, generally according to one month (many times a day, a total of ≥30 medicines) or one week (3-4 times a day, a total of ≥21 times) The amount of medicine is arranged in a storage compartment (box). Due to the large number of doses, the volume is large, and it is not suitable for carrying out. It is suitable for elderly people who need to take drugs (or health products) for a long time and have reminders of need.

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