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About the quality of our medicine boxes

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Pill box is designed to manage the medicine and health.

No one loves to worry about keeping track of medication, it’s so tiring. Then we have the perfect pill organizer with smart design that are divided into different compartments.  We have 4 types, 1 times a day, 2 times a day, 3 times a day, and 4 times a day. And Each compartment is marked with days and time. So you'll be able to make medication and health management simple and precise. This is great for you because now you won't have to worry about constantly tracking your consumption and you can keep your mind at ease.

And most of pill container is lightweight, compact, small, and fits into any purse or bag so you'll be able to take it anywhere , even when you are on travel.

Regarding the material, all our material is BPA FREE, so never worry about the safty. We also have FDA registration and passed LFGB. And the material is also durable, not easy get broken.  But regarding the washing, though the ABS & PP material is durable enought, we do not suggest wash by dish-washing machine. Just rinse it is fine.

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