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What is a pill box and what are the types of pill box

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Pill Dispenser

With one or more medicine compartments, it is convenient for the person taking the medicine to put the medicines to be taken in the medicine compartment according to the dosage, so as to facilitate carrying and taking the medicine on time. It is generally made of food-grade or above plastics, the main material is PP or ABS, and some are made of metal materials.

Ordinary pill box
The ordinary pill box is the most frequently mentioned pill box in spoken language.
Busy affairs, rapid changes and fierce competition have caused more and more modern people to form a "sub-healthy" state because of the lack of such and other elements. For example, some people lack vitamin A, their eyes are afraid of light, and they are prone to hair loss; those with iron deficiency are prone to iron deficiency anemia... At the same time, another person develops dependence due to long-term use of health medicines. So "the pill box family" appeared-many young white-collar workers carry pill boxes with them every day. In addition to all kinds of nutrition and health medicines, they are commonly used OTC medicines. For them, taking medicine has become a daily compulsory course, and the pursuit of health has become a fashion and a new way of life.
The common forms of pill boxes are round, dish, long, and square.

According to the number of storage times, it can be divided into portable and household types. Portable is mainly convenient to carry, small in size, and beautiful in appearance. The home-use type is mainly suitable for multiple or more people to take the medicine, and generally can store the medicine amount for one week or one month.

Reminder pill box
Pills reminder & dispenser, also known as electronic pill box, medication reminder, timing pill box, is a household electronic reminder and dispensing device that is usually used to store medications and is equipped to remind people to take medications on time.
The emergence of reminder pill boxes is mainly because: 1. Modern young people are mostly in sub-health, but because of busy work and often forget to take medicine or health care products, they need a medicine dispensing reminder that can remind them to take medicine on time; 2. As the memory of middle-aged and elderly people declines, their bodies begin to suffer from various ailments, and they need a device that reminds them to take medication to protect their health.
The portable reminder for young people generally has a small amount of medicine. The medicine box part can store the medicine for 1-3 days. It is small or moderate in size and can be installed in briefcases, backpacks, handbags, pockets, etc., which is convenient to carry out. It is suitable for business people and office workers who often go out for a short time.

The home reminder pill box for middle-aged and elderly people can store a lot of doses, generally one month (multiple times a day, a total of ≥30 doses) or a week (3-4 times a day, a total of ≥21 times). The amount of medicine is arranged in a medicine storage compartment (box). Due to the large number of doses, the volume is large and it is not suitable for carrying out. It is suitable for the elderly who need to take medicines (or health care products) for a long time and those who need to be reminded and those who are bedridden for a long time.

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