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Some of the knowledge you need to know to use a pill organizer

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Some of the knowledge you need to know to use a pill organizer

BLUESKY invented the pill organizer to help patients manage their medications more easily.

Doctors can categorize different medications based on the days of the week a person should take them.

Once home, the patient simply opens the compartment for that day of the week. No more worrying about taking more medication or taking the wrong medication.

For some patients with memory problems, some pill organizers even have alarms that notify patients that it is time to take their medication. Some pill organizers even have timers that make the compartment lids open automatically for the convenience of some elderly people with joint difficulties to help them open their pill boxes.

Such dispensers can help patients who have a lot of medications to take or who have poor memory and can be a great aid for them.

Be careful not to place the pill organizer in the bathroom when using the pill organizer.

1. Bathroom is very humid, most of the pills are dissolved in water, long-term placed in a humid environment, easy to lead to the loss of efficacy, reducing the effectiveness of drugs.

2. High-temperature environment has also to when the drug deterioration, such as capsules (such as vitamin E pills, cod liver oil, etc.), such drugs in the high temperature will appear rupture, softening, oil leakage, the capsule pieces of adhesion together, and sometimes also emit an odor.

According to our market research, an average pill organizer, without electronics, with several compartments, costs less than $8 in the market. A more intelligent pill organizer with an alarm can cost as little as $10, and a better one generally costs no more than $75. Of course, if you need a more intelligent pill box device, such as automatic pill dispensers that can connect to your phone and send reminders, etc., the price starts at around $100 and some can even exceed $200. Overall, the price of pill organizer is still relatively inexpensive.

While pill organizers can help avoid medication errors, there must be a good fit between the user and the pill organizer, otherwise, the benefits of using a pill organizer will be lost, and may actually impair one's health.Patients should consult their general practitioner or pharmacist before switching to a pill organizer.

One of the few major concerns of users when using pill organizers is the different pills placed in the pill box organizer, will the pill organizer keep the pills fresh? The answer is of course yes, assuming that the medicinal properties of your pills are not in conflict with each other, then storing them together is not a problem. The powder or residue between different pills is actually so small that it is difficult to have any reaction with each other. And, more and more attention is being paid to the hermeticity of pill organizers in pill boxes on the market today, with many specifically equipped with seals to avoid the entry of moist air.

Should you clean the pill organizer?

Chris Yang of BLUESKY explains that pill dispensers need to be cleaned to prevent bacteria from settling in them or any remaining pill residue from being added to the next dose. Cleaning the pill organizers is very simple, just rinse them well using warm water at 40-60 degrees Celsius and wash them at the end of the cycle - this means once a week or once a month depending on your dosing profile.

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