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Precautions when using the portable pill box

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Packing pills into portable medicine boxes can remind yourself to take medicines on time, but for medicines with the following characteristics, pay special attention to them when disassembling and assembling.

   Afraid of odor. This mainly refers to volatile drugs, such as Qingyan Dropping Pills, Yanlishuangkou Dropping Pills, etc. The smell of this kind of medicine itself is part of the medicinal effect, and it may be lost after exposure for a long time, and it is easy to affect the effects of other medicines. They are especially not suitable to be put together with medicinal charcoal tablets, compound aluminum hydroxide tablets and other adsorptive drugs. It is recommended to put these drugs in their own packaging. If you are afraid that you will forget to take them, you can set an alarm clock on your mobile phone to remind you.

   Afraid of getting wet. The sugar coating of sugar-coated tablets is easily destroyed when it gets wet, so nowadays, aluminum shell packaging is often used. Some people break out the medicine in the aluminum shell and put it directly into the medicine box for the convenience of carrying. If sugar-coated tablets are put into the medicine box "naked", the sugar coating may dissolve due to moisture. The correct preservation method is to cut off and put it in the pill box, and then break it out before taking it.

   In addition, acarbose tablets absorb moisture in the air and become hard and cannot be chewed; aspirin tablets are easy to deliquesce and produce sour taste, which not only affects the quality of the medicine, but also may increase the toxic and side effects of the medicine at this time.

   Afraid of adhesion. Capsules or capsules may soften, crack, or leak oil after being heated, and may even cause the entire bottle of pills to stick together, deteriorate, and cause peculiar smells. The medicine box you carry is easy to be affected by the temperature. It is best not to put this kind of medicine in the portable medicine box in summer or during sports.
   Afraid of breaking. Due to the poor sealing of the small medicine box, some medicines are prone to deterioration such as oxidation, weathering, and cracking during the carrying process, which affects the curative effect. The compound licorice tablets for the treatment of cough, the iron ferrous sulfate tablets, the aminophylline tablets for the treatment of asthma, etc., especially need to pay attention to preventing chipping.

   In addition, medicines with similar sheet shapes, colors, and smells are easy to be confused if they are put together in a medicine box, and it is best to store them separately. The portable medicine box is prone to bacteria after being used for a long time, so it should be cleaned regularly and disinfected with 75% alcohol. If you find that the medicine in the portable medicine box has deteriorated, you should not take it again.

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