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More Information About The Car Air Purifier

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Our car air purifier is CE, FCC, ROHS certified. Designed for cars and small space less than 20 square meters. This air purifier is suitable for car, bedroom, office, toilet, kitchen.


When using in the car, please place the car air purifier on a flat surface. Use the sticky pad to help adhere to the surface where applicable. Insert the USB charger into the cigarette lighter socket, connect the flat end of USB power cord to the USB charger, connect the other end to the power interface at the bottom of the car air purifier. Gently touch the power button to operate the air purifier processes.


When using in other space, please connect the USB cable cord directly to the USB output power supply, such as laptop, powerbank or other USB interfaces to get direct power.


Attention: Do not place any objects in the air inlet or air outlet areas or cover the products, both sides of the air inlets and outlets should be unobstructed. Do not use liquid cleaning or splashing water on the purifier. Properly install product to prevent any injuries. If installed in the car, ensure it does not make any obstacles to the driver’s sight and it is securely placed to the dashboard or other areas. Do not dismantle, attempt to repair the product without professional guidance. 

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