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More Information About The Air Purifier Necklace.

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The air purifier necklace is quick, convenient and easy to use. With just a click of a button it will silently emit more than 8 million negative ions per second. The modern and compact design makes it blend with whatever you wear without attracting negative attention.

It is rechargeable, within less than 2 hours of plugging your necklace in you will receive over a day's worth of high quality fresh air. The air purifier necklace can bring you TONS OF HEALTH BENEFITS. Some of our consumers told that the purifier is great to remove cigarette smell, and some told it’s good for their allergens.  

Tips for cleaning the purifier’s exterior:

1. Turn air purifier off

2. Gently wipe the exterior with a soft cloth moistened with warm or mild detergents only. Do not use harsh solvents or chemicals for cleaning.

3. Remove all moisture with a soft, dry cloth.

WARNING: Do not immerse the purifier in liquids, not do liquids enter the machine. Do not use this purifier in bathing or showering. Do not use in aerosol environment and gas station. Do not dismantle or repair the machine without permission.

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