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Medicine box , young people to take medicine for a long time

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This large capacity medicine box is usually suitable to be placed in the drawer, and the width is just right.

For business travel, put the corresponding date of the small medicine box in the PVC box, for example, 14th to 20th on business trip, pack 14th to 20th medicine box. When go out to work sometimes, can't go home for lunch and dinner, also take the day's medicine box.

The pill box is portable, small and easy to hide in the palm of the hand to avoid embarrassment.

The elderly are forgetful, so they need to distinguish the morning, the lunch and the evening when they use the medicine box. The young people can put the whole day taken medicine in the same box. They can remember how much medicine they eat and what they eat after each meals.

This kind of medicine box is easy to use, inexpensive, saves the high cost of automation and intelligence, and is simple and convenient.


Travel turbulence is inevitable, the box oscillation, pills in the box will drop powder.

Be sure to choose a slightly tight one, otherwise will often open the cover when you put it in the bag.

There is no such problem in slightly type during time test.

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