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How to use the intelligent electronic pill box?

views: 92 time: 2021-07-30

How to use the intelligent electronic pill box?

intelligent electronic pill box is a new product, its function is to help patients or the elderly distinguish medicines clearly, so that they can use medicines correctly. Let's learn how to use the intelligent electronic pill box.

Before taking the medicine, the user needs to scan the designated label on the pill box with the mobile phone, and then system will record the specific time and dose of the medicine, and synchronize it to the reminder. When it is time to take the medicine, the alarm clock of the e-pill box will make a sound, and the reminder of taking medicine will also be received on the mobile phone at the same time.

In addition, even for liquids that don't fit in a medicine box, only the matching RFID tag needs to be attached to pill bottle, and the medication reminder process can also be carried out.

The successful development of the intelligent electronic pill box brings convenience to middle-aged and elderly friends, and can solve the problem of forgetting to take medicine or taking medicine dosage.

How is the intelligent electronic pill box designed?

The intelligent electronic pill box is of great help to users with chronic diseases. Chronic diseases require long-term medication treatment. Many patients always have problems such as forgetting to take the medicine or dosage during the medication. At this time, the intelligent e-pill box comes in handy. Let's take a look at the design concept of the intelligent e-pill box.

First, in terms of structure, the overall size of the intelligent e-pill box is quite different from that of the traditional medicine box. Because the intelligent e-pill box needs more space to embed necessary sensors, feedback devices, processors, etc. With regard to the internal structure of the pill box, there are more optional styles and combinations of the traditional pill box. According to the dosage, users can choose the product that suits them. The intelligent e-pill box generally adopts the inner & outer box method, that is, a large outer box contains multiple small pill boxes, which can independently contain different drugs. In the configuration of small medicine boxes, most of them are based on the combination of 2*3 or 4*7.

Secondly, in terms of functional characteristics, the non-intelligent e-pill box does not have any interactive function design. The main function of the intelligent e-pill box has an alarm clock to remind you to take the medicine, which can be understood as a non-intelligent pill box plus a timed alarm clock. According to the number of small pill boxes configured inside, it is matched with the corresponding number of alarm clocks.

The intelligent electronic pill box is more convenient for users, allowing them to take the medicine on time and in the amount. This kind of product makes your money well spent!

How popular is the intelligent electronic pill box?

Intelligent e-pill boxes are more scientific and convenient than traditional pill boxes, and are more beneficial to the masses. How big is its market?

Traditional pill box is less used in an entire industry. Because it does not have the functions of storage and data transmission, it does not have a traceability mechanism. However, intelligent e-pill boxes can be widely used in health management institutions, hospitals, scientific research institutions, etc. On the one hand, it can manage the users real medication situation, improve the their medication habits, so that the medication plan can be implemented smoothly. On the other hand, it can also adjust the user’s medication plan in real time according to the user’s health status to reduce the occurrence of excessive treatment. Furthermore, all medication data can be collected from users, which is of great benefit to the healthcare industry.

In fact, the market of intelligent electronic pill box is very large. Although its price is relatively expensive, it has a long service life and a big role, so it is still popular with users.

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